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Summary: Startup Playbook

These are notes from Startup Playbook by Sam Altman. I’ll highly recommend to read it completely. Adding these personal key takeaways for quick reference.

Book Notes: Think and Grow Rich

These are highlights/notes from book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and Ben Holden-Crowther.

Book Notes : Obviously Awesome

These are highlights/notes from book “Obviously Awesome” by April Dunford. These are personal notes, would recommend reading the book, but in case you are short on time - just skim...

Handle errors the right way — Golang

When you start working on a application, there are always some point of failures which can occur, a good programmer has to deal with handling with such unexpected situations in...

Running periodic background tasks in Golang

Problem - I had to download some files in the background every day on my Golang server. So, let’s break this problem into two parts -

1st Month at Gojek

A new phase, new journey, new learnings… Just coming out of college with countless memories and moving to a new phase of life where you show and implement what you...

Role Model - You should have one

Today, during the Bootcamp 005 at Gojek, we were asked a simple question!

New way to REST - Brief intro to GraphQL

GraphQL is a new standard for APIs rather new way of fetching them. It is a efficient, powerful and flexible alternative to REST.

Publish your First Python Package to the world in 5 minutes

Have you build something amazing and want everyone to use it ?